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Php call to undefined method exception


Call To Undefined Method __php_incomplete_class::__set_state()

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So i read the docs on this and it said to create a callback function and use ini_set to set the function. I am trying to serialize an array with the class inside the array

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$dd_normal_button = array (
        'dd_normal_button_display' =>
        array (
                'dd_button_digg' =>
                '__PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name' => 'DD_Digg',
                'buttonLayout' =>
                array (
                        'Wide' => 'DiggWide',
                        'Normal' => 'DiggMedium',
                        'Compact' => 'DiggCompact',
                        'Icon' => 'DiggIcon',

So then I try

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and I get the error.

Any ideas/suggestions.