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Php call shared library function

Php call shared library function


Program Startup

Upon startup, the executable file is loaded into the main memory. There are multiple executable file formats available, e.g. Linux uses the Extensible Linking Format (ELF) while current versions of Microsoft Windows rely on the Portable Executable (PE) file format and MacOS X uses a format called Mach-O. As Linux is the primary target of this tutorial, the remaining startup description focuses on the execution of ELF files on Linux-based operating systems.

Knowing the address of the entry point _start of the executable from the ELF format, the operating system is able to start the execution. C developers might wonder why the execution entry point is called _start and not main(), which is what they are used to. Although the runtime environment C programs have is minimal in comparison to other languages, its setup is done within each application's code. To save C programmers the effort of writing setup routines in every program by hand, compilers link ready-made code taking care of these tasks. This predefined code is called crt0 and fills the functional gap between the raw execution entry point _start and the C entry point main()1)2).

:!: Concluding from the reasoning above, command line arguments and environment variables are among the first values pushed to the stack of an application3). Due to that, in comparison to other variables in the control flow of the application their offsets are relatively easy to calculate or at least estimate. Keep this fact in mind, it will be important when calculating stack addresses and using these locations for exploitation.