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Php call function from name

The Sample MySQL Record in a PHP Array

$record = array(
		'id' => 12,
		'title' => 'Greatest Hits',
		'description' => 'The greatest hits from the best band in the world!'

Pretend we created the above array based on a record retrieved via a MySQL query.

The PHP Class with Dynamic Functions

/* create class */
class Record {
	/* record information will be held in here */
	private $info;
	/* constructor */
	function Record($record_array) {
		$this->info = $record_array;
	/* dynamic function server */
	function __call($method,$arguments) {
		$meth = $this->from_camel_case(substr($method,3,strlen($method)-3));
		return array_key_exists($meth,$this->info) ? $this->info[$meth] : false;
	/* uncamelcaser: via */
	function from_camel_case($str) {
		$str[0] = strtolower($str[0]);
		$func = create_function('$c', 'return "_" . strtolower($c[1]);');
		return preg_replace_callback('/([A-Z])/', $func, $str);

The first step is to create a very primitive class with a constructor which receives the record array and a __call magic method which gets executed any time a class method is called. When a method is called we parse the method name to remove "get" and check to see if the corresponding array key exists. If the key exists, we return its value -- if the key does not exist, we simple return false.