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Php artisan storage link symlink no such file or directory



  1. Go to /public directory and run:

    rm storage

  2. Go to Laravel root directory and run:

    php artisan storage:link

Edited on May 1st 2018

This problem comes when laravel project is moved/copied to some other folder.

The storage link is still there thus causing the exception error. public/storage folder exists and points to wrong location and it needs to be deleted with rm storage command.

After that run php artisan storage:link in terminal and it will create the storage link.

This needs to be done EVERY time when laravel is moved/copied/deployed!


This usually happens after moving Laravel app to another directory

The actual storage directory is "/AppName/storage/app/public/"

Laravel creates a symbolic link pointing to actual storage dir "/AppName/public/storage"

Other meaning

"/AppName/public/storage" points to => "/AppName/storage/app/public/"

On changing root app directory to "/AnotherAppName/" symlink will still point to the old path

"/AnotherAppName/public/storage" => "/AppName/storage/app/public/"

my solution is to manually update the symlink using

ln -sfn /AnotherAppName/storage/app/public/ /AnotherAppName/public/storage


I'm face same error when use share hosting and my public directory move to public_html or different directorylike : project directory in root name "project"and public directory in root name "public_html"

when run artisan command by Artisan::call('storage:link'); then face this error.

Solution: 1st need to bind your public directory in app/Providers/AppServiceProvider register method

 $this->app->bind('path.public', function() {
return base_path('../public_html');

Now run the command its working fine