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Php all days in month

PHP DateTime to Get the Last Date of the Month

This is the best method to use to get the last date of a month both with future and past dates. The parameters passed in the format() function is - Y, m and t. These constants are defined in PHP.

A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits is represented by letter Y, for example, 2020. Numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros, is by letter m this is from 01 to 12. And the number of days in the given month is represented by letter t.

This is the best option if the PHP version used is after 5.3

$L = new DateTime( '2020-02-01' ); 
echo $L->format( 'Y-m-t' );

The code above supplies the DateTime function with a date and using the format characters Y-m-t to get the last date of the month on the date supplied.

PHP strtotime() to Get Last Date of Month

strtotime() is the best option for PHP version before 5.2.

$date = "2020-01-15";
echo date("Y-m-t", strtotime($date));


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