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Pdf to png with php


pdftopng − Portable Document Format (PDF) to Portable Network Graphics (PNG) converter (version 4.03)


pdftopng [options] PDF-file PNG-root


Pdftopng converts Portable Document Format (PDF) files to color, grayscale, or monochrome image files in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.

Pdftopng reads the PDF file, PDF-file, and writes one PNG file for each page, PNG-root-nnnnnn.png, where nnnnnn is the page number. If PNG-root is ´-’, the image is sent to stdout (this is probably only useful when converting a single page).


Pdftopng reads a configuration file at startup. It first tries to find the user’s private config file, ~/.xpdfrc. If that doesn’t exist, it looks for a system-wide config file, typically /usr/local/etc/xpdfrc (but this location can be changed when pdftopng is built). See the xpdfrc(5) man page for details.


Many of the following options can be set with configuration file commands. These are listed in square brackets with the description of the corresponding command line option.

Specifies the first page to convert.

−l number

Specifies the last page to convert.

−r number

Specifies the resolution, in DPI. The default is 150 DPI.


Generate a monochrome image (instead of a color image).


Generate a grayscale image (instead of a color image).


Generate an alpha channel in the PNG file. This is only useful with PDF files that have been constructed with a transparent background. The −alpha flag cannot be used with −mono.

−rot angle

Rotate pages by 0 (the default), 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

−freetype yes | no

Enable or disable FreeType (a TrueType / Type 1 font rasterizer). This defaults to "yes". [config file: enableFreeType]

−aa yes | no

Enable or disable font anti-aliasing. This defaults to "yes". [config file: antialias]

−aaVector yes | no

Enable or disable vector anti-aliasing. This defaults to "yes". [config file: vectorAntialias]

−opw password

Specify the owner password for the PDF file. Providing this will bypass all security restrictions.

−upw password

Specify the user password for the PDF file.


Don’t print any messages or errors. [config file: errQuiet]


Print copyright and version information.


Print usage information. (−help and −−help are equivalent.)


The Xpdf tools use the following exit codes:

No error.


Error opening a PDF file.


Error opening an output file.


Error related to PDF permissions.


Other error.


The pdftopng software and documentation are copyright 1996-2021 Glyph & Cog, LLC.

How to Convert to PDF?

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    How to Convert PDF to PNG?

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