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Partners 1c bitrix ru products

Partners 1c bitrix ru products

A brief history of occurrence

The Bitrix company was founded back in 1998. Gradually, the development of the “Leased Stores” and “Info-Portal” products began. Work has also begun on creating a site management system.

For several years in a row, the world saw a number of versions of the Site Management platform. By 2004, the Bitrix affiliate network comprised more than fifty companies. At the same time, CMS gained compatibility with the 1C system, which expanded the scope of its application.

In 2005, the sale of the boxed version of "Site Management" in retail chains began. The number of projects based on the platform was growing rapidly. A year later, the first version of the Corporate Portal was released in joint development with QSOFT.

The joint company 1C Bitrix was established in 2007. After that, the full integration of Bitrix and 1C software was implemented.

The active development of several areas at once began, due to which Bitrix products are suitable for solving most problems when creating web projects.

Who should use 1C Bitrix products?

1C Bitrix Products - A Practical and Versatile Option for small and medium business. For selling goods and services online, an online store at 1C Bitrix is \u200b\u200ba great option.

They are also used in public institutions and the education sector. Bitrix-based portals are owned by large organizations and enterprises.

The presence of different versions and editions of proprietary developments allows you to choose the best option for any task.

With the help of 1C Bitrix tools you can implement the most effective, modern and high-quality portal with a minimum of investment.

A well-implemented project will become an important functional link in the overall corporate infrastructure.

Benefits of CMS 1C Bitrix

The 1C Bitrix platform has many advantages, including:

  • Security and breaking resistance. Developers offer a powerful firewall that protects the site without the participation of an administrator. Protection works on the principle of antivirus and is becoming more reliable with every update.
  • Stable technical support. Experienced consultants will be able to answer all questions and help to deal with problems.
  • Automatic updates. The administrator is only required to download the necessary modules, and the system will perform further operations on its own.
  • Backup copies of the site. To create them, special knowledge is not required, because you just need to click on the appropriate button, after which the copy will automatically be saved to the server or Bitrix cloud. You can restore the site in one click.
  • Scalability. With the development of the project and the expansion of its functionality, you do not have to create a new site or transfer it every time. 1C Bitrix allows you to gradually complicate the project, moving to a new level on the same hosting.
  • Standardization. 1C Bitrix supports the continuity and typicality of solutions, due to which there is no binding to a specific studio or developer.
  • Large selection of templates. It allows you to create sites that meet all the necessary requirements without the high cost of funds and time for its development.


1C Bitrix is \u200b\u200ba versatile and practical solution with clear logic and structure. Developers are constantly improving their products and simplify the user part as much as possible, due to which learning and working with the system becomes more enjoyable.

  Work at 1C-Bitrix24 with pleasure - like on a social network. Work on projects together and discuss everything in real time. Use familiar tools for communication, managing tasks, documents, working hours and other services. All the tools at your fingertips are in the interactive Buzz. Invite colleagues to a group business chat, communicate with them in voice and video, write messages, edit one document together.

Contact a colleague who is offline - call him on a mobile from 1C-Bitrix24. Call clients on a regular phone directly from CRM using the integrated telephony. Work with partners together on an Extranet - in a protected and neutral territory.

Manage tasks and projects with convenient tools. The functionality of tasks includes integration with calendars, a delegation mechanism, check lists, ready-made task templates, a filter designer and tasks on the Extranet for working with partners. Monitor the timely execution of tasks in units, helping subordinates prevent violations.

Consider the time and other resources required to complete tasks within the project. Track the progress of tasks on the project using the Gantt chart - how many tasks are in total, how many of them are completed and how many are in work, which tasks are past due, and which are completely deadline. Evaluate work with tasks by receiving reports on people / departments / projects. Summarize the work for the month - by department and by each employee.

Connect Bitrix24.Disk and manage your working files both from your computer and directly from 1C-Bitrix24. Connect folders with company files and group disks to your Drive, give access to your colleagues and work with files together. Share documents with colleagues, discuss them in Buzz, get external links for them for social networks and partners.

Work with documents in 1C-Bitrix24 even in the absence of office software. Through external online services Google Docs and MS Office Online, you can open, view and edit any files of popular formats directly on the portal. Edit any documents on the portal using the "native" applications installed on your computer. The entire history of changes is saved, you will always restore the previous version of the document, and you can easily find the document you need with an internal search.

Turn on time tracking in 1C-Bitrix24 to increase discipline in the company. Employees will mark the beginning and end of the working day, breaks, absences, plan tasks for the day. Based on this data, a time report will be generated for management. These reports will also take into account the time spent on tasks.

Plan events on the Calendar. Download it to your mobile phone or tablet so that it is always with you, even on the go. Gather your colleagues in a meeting right from Buzz. Spend it effectively using the internal meeting service. The service will help to quickly invite participants, automatically send out the agenda and discussion results, create events in personal calendars and set tasks based on the results of the meeting.

Keep a database of contacts and companies with which you work with your CRM. Manage leads and deals from any device, including mobile. Record all events (calls, letters, meetings), bill customers, build reports and the “Sales Funnel”. Plan your business without leaving CRM. Create tasks, use business processes to process leads and deals, send letters and call customers directly from CRM to regular phones.

Turn on integration with 1C, and your CRM will always have an up-to-date catalog of goods, a “fresh” price list and the correct data on the remaining goods in stock. Integrate CRM with the online store, and your managers will conduct and “squeeze” the transaction to a successful conclusion from CRM itself. Link any web form on the website with your 1C-Bitrix24, and the data from this web form will be automatically sent to CRM.

Manage your company’s structure visually. Just drag the employee to another department, add a new one, change the manager. Find out to whom this employee submits, find him by searching, quickly get all his data on a personal page, contact through the portal, get a phone in the directory. Synchronize your contacts from the portal with your mobile phone, MS Outlook and other applications to always stay in touch.

Find out who is absent in the company, who is on a business trip, and who is on a maternity leave. Distribute employee vacations using an absentee schedule. Place ads in Buzz with a prerequisite for reading. Create polls to find out your peers, approve a document, do research, or just vote for something. Track the activity of using portal tools by employees and the whole company. Reward employees with badges and congratulate them on the holidays.

Manage a variety of business processes in the company through the portal - from shipment of orders to interaction with an affiliate network or customers. Use ready-made templates of business processes or create your own in the visual designer. Automate your routine operations: arranging business trips, vacations, approving and paying bills, publishing official orders and instructions.

Automate the workflow in the company with the help of "Universal Lists". Consider all incoming documents and set up their phased processing: from receipt by the secretary to approval by the management and transfer to the archive. Automate the processing of Leads and Transactions using business processes. Include in the business process all possible actions on the CRM element: send letters, assign responsible, assign a task to an employee, etc.

Install a desktop application (for Mac or Windows) to communicate with colleagues, even if the browser with 1C-Bitrix24 is closed. Communicate with colleagues: call them through 1C-Bitrix24 and to mobile phones, invite them to group chat, including video, see message history. Receive the most important notifications about new events in Buzz, likes and comments to them, about assigned tasks and their progress. Connect from the Bitrix24.Disk desktop application and work with files in 1C-Bitrix24 from any device.

Install the mobile application (iOS, Android) and work with the portal from a tablet or smartphone: read and comment on Buzz; manage documents, tasks and files. Manage your CRM mobile client base, schedule appointments for colleagues on your calendar, and confirm your participation in new events. Do a lot more, for example, send photos from your phone directly to the tape. Push notifications allow you to keep abreast of developments in the company and always stay in touch with colleagues.

  • The product integrates with many applications from leading software developers.
  • Integration with MS Office, MS Office Online
  • Integration with GoogleDocs
  • Integration with MS Outlook (contacts, calendars)
  • Integration with Google (contacts, calendars)
  • Integration with MacOS, iOS, Android
  • Connector to MS Exchange Server 2007/2010
  • Integration with MS Exchange Web Mail
  • MS SharePoint Connector
  • Integration with 1C: ZUP
  • Active Directory / LDAP Integrator + NTLM

1C-Bitrix24 is a secure collaboration product. Your data will be stored securely, and only you will get access to them in accordance with the system of user rights. Your employees can safely open 1C-Bitrix24 in cafes, shopping centers, airports - in an insecure environment, connecting via WiFi or a mobile phone. Attackers will not intercept their passwords to use for their own purposes. All connections to 1C-Bitrix24 are made using an SSL certificate, which ensures the security of your corporate information and password protection. 1C-Bitrix24 provides maximum protection against a wide variety of security threats. A proactive filter (WAF - Web Application Firewal) protects against most known attacks on web applications.

A corporate portal is a company’s information resource management system that ensures effective interaction between employees, their work within groups and projects, and increases the effectiveness of internal and external communications.

  • Consolidation of the company into a single whole;
  • Preservation of accumulated experience;
  • Information support for managerial decision making;
  • Traceability and transparency;
  • Improving the efficiency of employees, groups and the business as a whole.

Using the Bitrix24 portal


  • Gets information for making management decisions with 1 click.
    Information basis for calculating KPI, performing discipline, work results.
  • It combines disparate and geographically remote units.
  • Controls and improves labor efficiency.
    Obtaining information on labor and performing discipline, controlling deadlines, organizing work in groups and on projects, reducing the time to search for information.
  • Automates company business processes.
    Reducing the influence of the human factor on the company’s activities, the search for the “bottleneck” of the business process.
  • Saves and enhances information assets.
    Management and replenishment of a single knowledge base and prevention of information loss through the fault of employees.

HR service

  • Forms a company culture.
    Mission, goals and objectives of the company, events from corporate life, success stories and the best specialists.
  • Informs company employees.
    General information about the company, regulations, procedures, details and document templates, business processes for familiarizing with documents, mailing.
  • Gathers feedback.
    Getting feedback in the framework of regulated procedures and getting informal feedback online.
  • Improves qualifications.
    Training courses, answers to basic questions, knowledge base.
  • Quickly adapts new employees.

Commercial Director

  • It maintains a single customer and lead database.
  • Quick search and access from mobile devices.
  • Controls a sales funnel.
    Control of each stage of sales, automatic report generation.
  • Effectively interacts with production units.
  • Increases the number of repeat orders from customers.
    By improving the quality of service and information interaction.

Department Heads

  • Informed about the presence of subordinates at the workplace and their availability.
  • Set goals and track results.
  • Redistribute work between employees.
  • They plan work for a day, a week, a month.
  • Communicate with subordinates via chat, notifications come by email and SMS.

Our services We are flexible in developing and implementing a corporate portal, since a lot depends on the Customer’s business processes and requirements for functionality.

Stages of work:

  1. Analysis of requirements and preparation of the Terms of Reference.
  2. Installation and initial setup of the portal.
  3. Transfer data to the portal.
  4. Development of portal functionality for the specifics of the Customer.
  5. Training company employees to work in the portal.
  6. Technical support and consultations.

From 1000 / hour Order portal implementation

Comparison of Bitrix24 editions

Each product edition contains the features of all of the following.

"Bitrix24" 1C-Bitrix24:
portal "in the box"

The software product is installed on your server. It has more functionality and customization options. It supports integration with corporate information systems and 1C: ZUP.

Holding 25+ ∞ GB + your domain

549 500

web cluster + 50 GB cloud backup

Corporate Portal   + your domain 25+ ∞ GB

219 500

Enterprise Portal Administration

Content Management (visual page editor)

Advanced Access Control

Design options

Design customization

Develop your own business logic

Controller for integration with an external site

Analysis and statistics of visits

Cloud service Bitrix24

Your corporate portal is in the cloud. Register and get started right away. Less functionality, but unlimited scalability and low implementation time.

Company ∞ ∞ GB + own domain

10 990

Working reports to the head

Time tracking

Meetings and meetings

Universal lists for automating your workflows, such as workflow

Team ∞ 100+ GB

5 490

External users (extranet)

Integration with 1C

IP access restriction

In all tariffs and in the tariff Project   12+ 5+ GB Free

  • HR: HR Management

    Visual management of company structure

    List of employees, contacts

    Contact synchronization with MS Outlook, Google, iOS, MacOS, Android


    Employee Personal Page

    Information Access Rights

    Absentee Schedule

    Read Confirmation Ads

    Motivation tools, gamification

    Company pulse (simplifies the implementation of Bitrix24)

  • Task, project management

    Gantt Chart

    Timing control


    Task time tracking

    Task templates

    Check lists

    Internal and external communications

    Instant Messaging and Group Business Chat

    Video calls



  • Integration

    Integration with MS Office, MS Office Online

    Integration with GoogleDocs

    Integration with MS Outlook (contacts, calendars)

    Integration with Google (contacts, calendars)

    Integration with MacOS, iOS, Android

    Connection of external automatic telephone exchanges

    Connection of external mail services

    Work time planning

    Calendars (general and personal)

    Meeting Planner

    Sync calendars with MS Outlook, Google, iOS, MacOS, Android

  • Collaboration with documents

    Bitrix24.Disc for teamwork

    Online editing at GoogleDocs

    Online editing in MS Office Online

    Computer editing

    Search by document content

    Change history

    Access rights

    CRM: customers and sales

    Business Process Designer

    Business Processes in CRM

    Business processes in general documents

  • CRM: customers and sales

    Base of clients and contacts

    Deal and Lead Management

    Sales automation

    Catalog of goods and services

    Sales funnel and reports

    Telephony Integration

    Call recording

  • Safety and reliability

    SSL certificate

    Proactive Defense (WAF - Web Application Firewall)

    Real-time daily backup

    Differentiation of user access rights

    Enhanced data center protection (SAS 70 Type II)

    Physical separation of data from different clients

Some aspects of the comparison of “1C-Bitrix: Enterprise Portal” and “Microsoft SharePoint”


The problem of choice is different - for the SMB (Small and Medium Business) segment and large companies. Large companies with their own IT department have already heard about Sharepoint, and they are interested in specific arguments, why they would be better off a new product and a new platform for solving specific problems. Small businesses (sometimes without their own IT infrastructure) sometimes don’t even know which product can fulfill their desires, but a priori they use two important criteria. The first is deployment speed, the ability to immediately start using the product. Such companies cannot afford many months of implementation. The second most important criterion is price. It must be optimal and reasonable. Long-term cost of ownership must meet the same requirement.

It is far from always possible to make an independently objective comparison by the client, due to insufficient knowledge of the characteristics and features of both 1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal and Sharepoint Server. There are many psychological and emotional components (price factor, opinions of friends, etc.) that prevent the client from weighing the pros and cons.

This document is an attempt to consider a number of factors for the acquisition, implementation and use of products from 1C-Bitrix and Microsoft for the SMB segment. You can not consider the document as a full-scale study, affecting all aspects and features of each of the products, since each of the products has a long history, its own established view on the solution of certain problems. It is unlikely that such a comparison is possible in principle.

Brief Comparison Summary

For the small and medium-sized business (SMB) segment, “1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal” in many cases is a preferable choice over the Microsoft Sharepoint Server product.

   Corporate Portal

   Sharepoint server

License cost

Control interface


IT Integration


Cross-browser compatibility

Customization flexibility

Redesign Flexibility



   to SMB segment



About Products

Microsoft Sharepoint

The family includes two main products:

- Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Is a free application for Windows Server. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation provides the basic infrastructure for collaboration - editing, document storage and a workflow platform, version control, job lists, reminders, etc. Previously, the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation was known as WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services).

- Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010  - paid component for integrating SharePoint functionality into the work of MS Office applications. It is an add-on for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and extends its capabilities. Formerly known as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS).

Simply put, there is essentially only one commercial product for creating a corporate portal for Microsoft - it is SharePoint Server 2010. It is impossible to consider SharePoint Foundation 2010 as a separate product, which is a free add-on for another product - Windows Server, because in essence it is only a platform or basis for development of portal solutions.

The following figure will help visually show the fundamental difference in functionality (

The SharePoint Foundation features here are represented only by the central and green sectors, all other features are presented only in SharePoint Server. That is, the majority of portal modules are absent or very limited in functionality in the Foundation: content management system, portal parts, search, employee social network and employee’s personal account, web forms and many other components.

Accordingly, in Foundation-based solutions, the missing functionality is developed from scratch or is already being developed by the developer of the final solution, which is not related to Microsoft development. But at the same time, when describing the advantages of these solutions, development companies often use the general term Sharepoint and refer to all its advantages, which, as has already been shown, is incorrect.

Based on the foregoing, in this review, the term Sharepoint is hereinafter referred to exclusively as a product Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010  and a comparison will be made with him.

The product was released in 2008, it is an independent software product, it is based on the common BitrixFramework platform, which also developed another popular ( product of 1C-Bitrix: Site Management. Official resource:

The boxed delivery of the product exists in 4 editions, differing in functionality. In addition, there is a Bitrix24 service that allows you to use the corporate portal in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode.

License cost

Microsoft Sharepoint Server

Selecting the optimal composition of licenses for the functioning of the corporate portal on Sharepoint is a rather difficult task that only an experienced licensing specialist can correctly fulfill (and this is Microsoft's opinion). Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 is bundled with the following licenses:

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 Server License
   - Client Access Licenses (CALs) for a user or device working with the server. This is usually understood as a license for the workplace - by the number of employees in the company using the portal.
   - License for the operating system Windows Server 2008 Standard or higher
   - CAL for Windows Server by the number of jobs
   - License for SQL Server Standard Edition
   - CAL for SQL Server by the number of jobs

Licensing of the portal and related components for accessibility from the Internet is licensed additionally.

1C-Bitrix24: Corporate Portal

The licensing scheme “1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal” is simple. The product comes in two editions: "Corporate Portal" - 199 500 rub.and "Holding" - 499 500 rub.

The license is purchased for one installation, regardless of the number of servers (in cluster mode). Editions differ in functionality that is available to portal users. To solve most of the tasks facing the portal, the Business Processes editorial is recommended; it has a full range of functionality, with the exception of multi-compartment and a number of specific modules, demanded either in large companies or for special tasks. For large as well as geographically distributed companies, the Holding is intended. In addition to the built-in scaling tools, it also allows you to implement a multi-branch portal structure.

Server licenses for 1C-Bitrix do not impose any restrictions on the ability to access the portal for users from the Internet, so there is no additional cost for organizing remote work from outside the office.

Editions are licensed by users, the cost of an additional user (analogue of CAL) is 1400 rubles, regardless of edition. In addition (unlike the Microsoft product), 25 user licenses are already included in the price of the product edition, and there is also a license for an unlimited number of users worth 599,000 rubles. This license is beneficial for companies with more than 400 users of the portal.

Licensing Comparison Chart

Microsoft Sharepoint

1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal

Server Software Licenses

Windows Server Standard 2008 R2
43,437 rubles *

Windows Server CAL 2008 Client Access License
1 755 rub.

SQL Server Standard 2008 R2 on 1 processor
429,462 rubles

(based on free software) **.

0 rub

KP Server License

  Sharepoint Server 2010
RUB 295,029

Corporate Portal Editorial Office
199 500 rub.

Editorial Office "Holding"
499 500 rub.

Client licenses (workplace license)

0 pcs
  As part of the server license
25 pcs.
  Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 Standard CAL
5 646 rub.
  License for add. user
   (over 25)
1400 rub.
  Unlimited license
  Unlimited license
599 000 rub.

Total for a company of 100 employees:

1 508 028 rub.

Total for the company of 500 employees:

3 118 029 rub. ***

* Microsoft product prices are ERP (Estimated Retail Price) for corporate customers under the Open Value + Software Assurance program when paid in advance, received at on December 5, 2011.

** 1C-Bitrix supplies and recommends the use of free virtual machines Hyper-V, VMWare and others with a fully configured and productive environment (Linux + MySQL), which is designed for companies that do not have much experience working with Linux systems. A similar option is Bitrix Web Environment for Windows, which will install the necessary environment components as an application for Windows.

*** For large organizations, it may be necessary to scale the Sharepoint portal to several servers, which must be taken into account in the cost of licenses for both Sharepoint Server itself and related software products, which may require more functional editions.

Licensing the Sharepoint portal for a small company of 100 employees will cost one and a half million rubles, which is 10 times more expensive than the cost of 1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal licenses. For large companies 1C-Bitrix: The corporate portal is especially beneficial due to the availability of a license for an unlimited number of users for large companies, as well as the fact that scaling the portal to several servers does not require the purchase of additional server licenses.

Product Functionality

The task of comparing functionality is very multifaceted, and it is almost impossible to build a simple comparison table with a list of features and their representation in each product. Microsoft and 1C-Bitrix have their own ideology, their own principles for solving business problems. It is very difficult to choose the necessary level of detail of the functionality and make some single list of them that would equally well illustrate the solution of customer problems.

We suggest considering several aspects that illustrate the difference in approaches and the corresponding differences in functionality.

Ready portal out of the box

Functional Conclusions

The functionality of Sharepoint is very significant and allows you to implement almost anything. With proper setup and individual refinement, after the experts have spent some effort, this toolkit can satisfy almost any request of the most demanding customer. However, many experts emphasize that the functional readiness for work “out of the box” is very low, the solution is simply inconvenient, not configured. A recent study ( showed that approximately 93% of customers are ready to be satisfied with an alternative SharePoint solution, with fewer capabilities, but completely solving their problems. We are talking about small and medium-sized businesses.

In turn, the functionality of 1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal also provides a very wide range of functionality for small and medium-sized companies. Yielding to the Microsoft product in some possibilities, it surpasses it in others, and as a rule more demanded in
   segment of small and medium-sized companies.

Technology platform

1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal


“1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal” is a portal solution, ready to work out of the box, safe and fully meeting the criteria of functionality and price. The product is specially designed to fit the specific needs of the mass customer out of the box. The solution can be implemented in just a few hours, provides rich functionality “out of the box” and does not require in-depth knowledge for maintenance. Equipped with a reliable security system that can cope with an ever-growing level of threats, the product will ensure reliable operation within the company. It is important to note that the product comes with guaranteed technical support from the vendor and includes free updates (not only minority, but also major, affecting a major platform change). As a result, the company that introduced the corporate portal gets more functionality for less money and in a shorter time.

Small and medium-sized organizations should carefully evaluate the entire set of hidden costs when considering SharePoint as a working intra-corporate environment. Sharepoint was developed for large enterprises and does not always fit into the specific requirements of small and medium-sized businesses in many aspects mentioned above. Sharepoint is a solution for enterprises that have serious IT budgets, have special requirements for the functionality of the product and qualified staff who are able to a) configure, refine and implement the functionality and b) support the platform. As a result, a product often receives negative reviews from small and medium enterprises that have not been able to adequately implement it.

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